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What’s even cooler than hanging out at a castle? Road-tripping to get there! Check out this video of my journey from Budé through some gorgeous Belgian countryside to the historic Ordingen Castle. Notice how easy it is to get me into place. That’s because I’m tough but I’m not heavy. I can truck down cobbled streets and drop right into place. It’s a classy look, right?

Getting to the Cyclo-cross World Championship takes skill and determination. For riders like Mathieu van der Poel and Ceylin Del Carmen Alvarado, it takes hard physical training and pure mental grit. For me, it took precision building by Budé and stylish durability from Pura® NFC. I even have colour-matched accessories so I can look pristine – and easy cleaning so I can stay pristine even as I’m watching the grittiest part of the course. Check it out:

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