Common questions

  • Pura® NFC products

    • Can you explain the product specifications and properties of Pura® NFC?

      You can find the Pura® NFC product specifications here.

    • What colours are available in Pura NFC?

      We have 10 colours available in Pura® NFC Wood Decors and Pura® NFC Lumen Decors. Click here to see the full range.

    • What is Pura® NFC siding?

      Pura® NFC by Trespa is a premium façade solution that's designed to be durable, low maintenance and easily installed. 

    • What accessories do you have available to match the Pura® NFC siding?

      The complete solution includes installation clips, colour-matched profiles and fasteners. The tailored collection comes with everything needed to create an evenly hued façade.

    • How do I clean Pura NFC sidings?

      You can clean Pura® NFC simply and easily, just by using water and soap.

    • How much does a Pura® NFC façade installation cost on average?

      Please contact your dealer or installer for an estimate. To find the nearest one, please click here.

    • Do I need to paint Pura® NFC?

      No. There will never be any paint needed.

    • What guarantee do you offer for Pura® NFC?

      We offer a strong 10-year guarantee on product performance, including colour stability.

    • What is your sustainability policy?

      Sustainability at Trespa is a common-sense, fact-based approach with complete integration into planning. It is not about achieving zero impact in the production process but about durability and a lifecycle approach that allows materials to re-enter the production cycle and become new and even better products. For Trespa, sustainability is about creating lasting products that people don't want to replace. 

    • Is Pura® NFC made of wood?

      Pura® NFC siding is made from up to 70% natural fibres. All Pura® NFC products are certified according to the PEFC™ standard.

    • What are the dimensions of a single Pura® NFC siding?

      Each one is 3050 mm x 186 mm x 8 mm. 

    • What is the fire classification of Pura® NFC siding?

      You can find details about the fire classification of Pura® NFC here.

    • How much does Pura® NFC weigh?

      1 pack, which contains 4 individual sidings, weighs approximately 26 kg.

    • How can you remove graffiti or similar markings from the surface of Pura® NFC?

      Markings can be easily wiped away if they are water-soluble. Otherwise, use organic solvents or special graffiti cleaners. Avoid streaking by washing and drying the siding  afterwards.

  • Pura® NFC installation

    • How do I install Pura® NFC?

      Please look at this Pura® NFC installation video.

    • Can you explain the Pura® NFC fixing system?

      Pura® NFC sidings are fixed onto a wooden or aluminium subframe with clips. More information can be found at trespa.info.

    • Do I need to hire a professional installer to put the Pura® NFC system up?

      Trespa advises you to confer with a qualified construction professional and/or engineer regarding application and installation.

    • Do you have CAD drawings for Pura® NFC installations?

      Yes! For more information on available CAD drawings, please click here.

    • Where can I find the Pura® NFC installation manual?

      To find the installation manual, please click here.

    • Are there certificates for Pura® NFC?

      For more information on our third-party certificates, please click here.

    • Can you train me to install Pura® NFC?

      You can sign up for our Pura Pro training programme for installers.  Please click here

    • Is it possible to install Pura® NFC sidings vertically?

      Yes! Please check out this Pura® NFC installation video.

    • How many clips do I need per square meter to install a Pura® NFC façade?

      For a 600 mm on-centre installation, 12 - 15 fixing items (clip + screw) per square meter would be estimated. However, actual fastening spacings should be determined in accordance with local regulations & requirements, as well as the applicable engineering requirements for each particular building.

  • Pura® NFC sample orders

    • How can I order a Pura® NFC sample?

      Please visit our sample page for a free Pura® NFC sample.

    • What colours do you have available?

      Pura® NFC currently comes in 10 styles. You can find all the available colours here.

    • How many samples can I order at a time?

      You can order up to 5 free samples by visiting our sample page.

    • How long will it take to receive my samples?

      Samples are sent via our fulfilment partner, who will send a confirmation email when your order is on its way. On average, it takes 1-3 days to receive your sample(s). 

  • Pura® NFC dealers

    • Where can I find a Pura® NFC dealer in my neighbourhood?

      Pura® NFC sidings are available from a number of distributors throughout the country. To find the nearest one, please click here.

    • Can I become a dealer of Pura® NFC products?

      Please contact the Trespa sales office for more information.

    • Can I order Pura® NFC products directly from you?

      Pura® NFC sidings are available from a number of distributors throughout the country. To find the nearest one, please click here.

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